Sunday, July 29, 2012

CrossFit is Dangerous??? And How It Very Literally Saved My Life.

For years I have said that CrossFit has changed my life!  I have said over and over again that it SAVED my life because of how it changed me as a person and brought such a passion back into my days.

Well, now I can say it LITERALLY...


But, CrossFit is so dangerous right???  High rep olympic lifting!  Muscle ups! Rope climbs!!  You could hurt your back!  What if you fall from the rope or the rings?!!  You can't have perfect technique when you are moving that fast!!  You might lose your positioning!!

What is dangerous??  You tell me.....

The few months preceding June 30th (2012)....were chalk full of all that crazy stuff!!  I mean, I had been training with 2 of the most INTENSE athletes in all of CrossFit, Jason Khalipa and Neal Maddox (and the soon to be well known Garret Fisher).  I would show up every day and just try to do what they do....including TONS of heavy oly lifting, 3-4 workouts a day, ring muscle up to handstand push ups (yep...I am a bad ass).  I was more fit than ever and so excited about the progress I was making.

Me in danger....

Amanda with 105# June 22, 2012

And again...

60' Cargo Net June 28, 2012

So, how could training with these movements under such intensity actually SAVE someone's life??  My life??

On June 30th (2012), I was out and about doing something completely NOT dangerous....grabbing coffee for my co-workers from the Level 1 CrossFit Seminar team.  In fact, THEY all stayed behind to work out!!  Round trip it was about 2 miles...something you and I, all of us, do every day.

I was turning left on a pretty busy 6 lane road, but had an arrow.....and within an instant...found myself smashed across 3 lanes and on the sidewalk facing the opposite direction.

Immediately when the car stopped I was in severe pain, mostly in my neck.  Both of my hands were on the dashboard and I was leaned toward the passengers side.  Because my neck hurt so badly I just kept repeating to myself out loud "you're ok...don't's ok...".  All of the airbags were deployed and the entire passengers side where I was looking (trying not to move) was MANGLED.  The door panel and glove box were almost unrecognizable.  The windshield had shattered and I had glass, and coffee, ALL over me.  I was bleeding but I didn't know from where.  I was too scared to look...too scared and in too much pain to move.

Luckily, there was an ambulance that saw the whole thing go down.  Pretty quickly I had someone talking to me.  I realized my hand hurt...and shortly after learned why.  The paramedic (I think....I couldn't turn to see any of these people) asked me to turn the car off.  I couldn't.  Because somehow I had managed to karate chop the keys during the accident and break the key of in the ignition.....with my hand.

I was pulled out of the car via spine board with my head strapped down.  I honestly thought I was never going to be able to move again.

In the ER I was super excited to learn that my nurse was a CrossFitter, and also super embarrassed that she recognized me.  I didn't have to wait too long before a Dr came by.  They did some tests of my reflexes...if I could feel and move both of my hands and feet.  Took me to x ray my hand.  I think I probably asked 7 times if I was going to die or be paralyzed.  I also kept telling the Dr. that my neck hurt much worse than my hand.  I asked at least 3-4 times if I needed a neck X ray.  Because of my concern he checked my neck out a little bit more...poked at it a bit...but still no X ray.  I was SO happy and relieved when he told me it wasn't broken, just really bad whiplash.

What was really cool was that everyone...from the paramedic to the cop on scene to my coworkers who saw the accident to my ER Dr told me "If you weren't so would be in a LOT worse shape.  We have seen people killed, necks snapped, from that exact same accident.  Your muscle saved you."

And that was it.  In the most pain I had ever experienced in my life, the nurse helped me sit up (the pain was so bad I literally almost blacked out).  They gave me a prescription for some pain pills, told me to find an orthopedic surgeon to cast my hand when I got home, and I was out of there.

Moving at all was excruciating.  Any little bump in the road, turning, getting in and out of the car...sitting, standing.  I couldn't turn my head in any direction AT ALL.  They gave me one of those little soft collars, but no real direction on if I needed it or for how long.

Although I was pretty scraped and bruised up, the last thing I wanted to do was sit in my hotel room by myself....mostly because I was worried to be alone.  I've heard stories about people who have concussions and then die in their sleep that night...I watch Grey's Anatomy!!  And also....I am stubborn.  I decided I was FINE and I was going to prove it. So...I went to dinner with the crew from the seminar.  Wore the neck brace in the car and then took it off!!  

I had to prove that I was fine.  Within 5 minutes of the actual collision, I remembered that the Games started in less than 2 weeks!  In fact, we were set to head down to LA for Games WEEK in only 8 days!!!  I had been prepping for my role with media for months.  I wasn't about to let a broken hand and some whiplash ruin the biggest week of my year!!

With the help of my fellow trainers, I was able to get home the day after the accident.  The pain in my neck made it impossible to do some of the most simple tasks.  Knowing that I needed to regain mobility QUICKLY so I could interview the athletes at the Games I pushed myself by going for a hike 4 days after the accident, air squatting and trying to turn my head as much as I know..."stretching".  I actually read that all of that stuff, movement in general, was just what you should to for whiplash.

4 days after the wreck...trying to walk and move around to help with the whiplash.

After having a REALLY difficult time finding a Orthopedic doc to cast my hand (no shit it was next to impossible to get an appt), I was finally able to go up and meet Dr. Bhuva in San Jose.  Dr. Bhuva noticed how painfully I was moving with my neck as he was casting my hand and asked if I had my neck x-rayed after the accident.  When I told him that I hadn't, he was shocked!  He told me that he wasn't the right type of Dr. to treat neck injuries, but would not feel comfortable letting me leave without checking it out.  To be honest, I was somewhat relieved to have it looked at.  They took the x-ray and said that it was probably nothing, but they would let me know.

My neck continued to "feel" better and better.  So I continued to do more and more with it.  I rode the airdyne bike, climbed stairs with a weight vest, and was starting to be able to turn it a LOT more.  Whether or not I was going to be doing my job at the Games was still up in the air, but I was confident I would feel good in time.

Airdyne with the support of NorCal CrossFit Santa Clara

Games Week: Awesome.

I could write 10 pages alone on the fantastic time I had at the Games....and I surely will in a different post.  But, I will try to keep it in the context of this story right now.

Games week for those who work for CrossFit is a combination of a family/high school reunion, hell week, finals week, attending the Super Bowl and the Oscars.  It's incredible, and busy, and hard work.  There is so much standing, walking....not a lot of sleep and A LOT of hugs.  

I loved the hugs...but I remember a few that hurt my neck pretty bad....dang whiplash...RIGHT?!

The hotel that we were at for Games week had an AWESOME gym set up for us in one of the ballrooms.  Rogue had set up a bunch of equipment for the athletes/judges/media to use while we were there!  Moving seemed to help me feel better throughout the day so I made a commitment to work out Mon-Thurs.  I went for a 5k run 2 of the mornings, did some rowing and 4 lb med ball cleans one day too.  I was super stoked to do those med ball cleans because up til that point I hadn't been able to bend over at my waist enough to pick anything up off of the ground!

Just trying to get a little workout in during Games week!  Stoked to be doing cleans!

During the day, I was doing what I could do OFF camera.  I was still moving too weird to be put on camera UNTIL Wednesday!  I was put at the desk for the Games Update show that day and I was SO happy!!  After doing that, and looking ok there...I got the green light to do what I had come down to do in the first place, interview the most amazing athletes in the world.

Me and Annie T.  My shirt was ridiculously huge...hence the weird pin job!

And lets not forget the after party!!


Fast forward to Tuesday, July 17th (2012).

My neck was feeling pretty good and didn't really notice it too much.  I still wasn't ready for explosive movements like oly lifts or jumping.  I could still feel some pain when I would sit up the first like 6 inches in bed or the last 6 inches laying down. There were some sticky spots where my head would get kinda "stuck" and I would have to really concentrate to get it to move.

After witnessing the glorious performances at the Games, I was excited to get back and train.

I headed down to San Jose that day for a follow up appt. for my hand to get a new cast and then to train at NorCal CrossFit!  When I walked into the Dr's office and checked in EVERYONE, from the woman at the desk to the nurse to the assistant to the Dr said they were SO WORRIED about me!  They said they had been trying to contact me all week!

Dr. Bhuva said that they had tried EVERYTHING....calling, sending a letter, and finally Facebook.  That's where Dr. Bhuva said he realized why he couldn't get a hold of me.  He ended up watching the Update Show and then the feed on ESPN 3.  (Loved it by the way!)

Why??  There was something weird with my x-ray.  Again, Dr. Bhuva is not a neuro-surgeon, but said that it looked like I might have a slipped facet joint.  He explained to me that it could be kind of serious and that I needed to get a CT Scan and see a neuro surgeon.  I explained that I was headed to Florida for a seminar on Friday.  He explained that I wasn't going ANYWHERE until having this checked out.

He had 3 different people calling around trying to get me an appointment, first for the scan and then to meet with a neuro-surgeon to go over it with me.  I thought they were acting crazy!  My neck had continued to feel better all of the time.  Besides, the Dr in the ER said I was fine!!

They found me an appt. to get the scan right away, which was going to make me miss my workout with some of the boys, but I decided I better play along.  I was kind of pissed.  The scan didn't take long, but then I had to wait 30 min after it was done to get the disk.  While I was waiting I was thinking about what I could do for my workout that day....I decided that I would load up the yoke and pair it with something.  Loading that doesn't require me to hold a barbell, bend at the waist, and isn't explosive was just what I needed.

After the medical goose chase, I was FINALLY at the gym getting ready to work out when my husband called.  He was frantic. "Babe, you need to call this Dr. back.  He keeps calling me.  They said it's an emergency about your neck scan." he said.  Being a total brat, I think my response was a sarcastic "Really?!  Am I dead?  Am I in heaven?  Have I been dead for the past 2 weeks and I didn't know?!".  He was not amused.  I told him I would call.

I spoke with a Dr. Fox who had just read my scan.  This is how it went.

Dr. Fox: Miranda, I was just handed your scans from this afternoon.  I know you have an appt. with a neuro-surgeon in 2 days, but you need to go to an ER RIGHT NOW.  You have a break in 2 places in your C2 vertebrae.  I honestly can't believe you have been walking around like this for the past 2 weeks.  You are in serious danger.  Any little fall, or bump or wrong twist of the head and you could be a quadrapolegic for the rest of your life.  Can you get to a hospital?  Where are you?

Me: (in tears and shaking) Yes.  I am in San Jose on Saratoga and Stevens Creek.

Dr. Fox:  Ok, you need to go right now, don't drive yourself, to the nearest ER.  It is O'Connor Hospital.  Tell them you have a VERY unstable C2 fracture.  Do you have any questions?

Me: Yes.  Should I be as terrified as I am right now?

Dr. Fox: Yes.  You are in serious danger walking around like that.  If you were a member of my family I would have you in the car on the way to the ER right NOW.  Tell the person driving to drive VERY carefully.

At this moment, I was the most scared I have ever been in my entire life.  I was afraid to even move.  I couldn't believe what I just heard and I was positive that at any moment I was going to be paralyzed.  I was shaking, my heart was pounding as I went from excited to train to worried if I was going to be able to walk tomorrow.

Luckily I was with people I trust and who care about me.  I asked one of my training "bros", Garret who now had a look on his face like "what the f@*k is going on?!" to drive me RIGHT NOW to the ER.  I was lucky to not be alone in that moment.

The drive to the hospital seemed like it was very long, even though it was only like 2 miles away.  The wait to see a doctor was the same.  Finally in the hospital bed with the neurosurgeon and my husband there, I was shown the scans that caused such a panic.  I couldn't believe my eyes!!  My C2 was broken into 3 pieces!! There was no leaving the hospital for me that night.  They were so concerned that they didn't even want me leaving the hospital bed!

I was told AGAIN, by the neurosurgeon now, that the strength of my neck saved me from having much more serious complications with the well as that muscle acting as a legit neck brace for 2 1/2 weeks to keep that vertebrae stable.  In the morning, I was given two options for treatment: surgery or 3 months in a halo.  I consulted a few Drs who also understand CrossFit and my personal goals, and chose surgery.

Going into surgery that night was scary.  I felt SO uncertain about what life was going to be like on the other side.  I was SO MAD that I had been walking around so RELIEVED that nothing serious had happened in the accident!  I prepared myself to be in pretty bad shape.  I have a tendency to be dramatic in what I picture in my head...this was the ultimate opportunity for that.

But, I was wrong.  That night, just hours after surgery, I GOT UP (even though the nurse was NOT happy about it) and walked myself to go pee!!  The next day they had me walking down the halls and up and down stairs.  They said I could "squat", and showed me some weird version of a squat...I showed them MY squat.  They were all very surprised that I really wasn't that interested in a lot of pain meds and that I was wanting to be up and walking around as much as they would let me.  I spent one more night in the hospital and was sent home the next morning.

So, that's the story up to that point...

I will continue to post about my recovery with details and video of me getting back into training.

I will also try to get my hands on my actual scans and x-rays so I can post those gnarly things!

But, again...the point is this...


In the "What is CrossFit?" lecture that we deliver at the Level 1 Seminars we often talk about there being a hierarchy of danger.  We say that, yes, you CAN hurt yourself doing CrossFit, but the LEAST safe thing we can do is to avoid the movements that we use in CrossFit altogether...the movements we use in life.  Usually we say the reason for this is because these movements are the movements that we WILL end up using in real life.  They are the movements life demands.

In this specific case, my ABILITY to perform heavy cleans and handstand push ups isn't what saved me.  BUT the strength I had gained because I had been performing them regularly did.

And I am so lucky.....


And if you are wondering what it sounds like when I rap while also on morphine....look no further...

 THANK YOU to all of my wonderful friends who visited me in the hospital!!


  1. I am so glad you are ok!! Your car look lie it took a beating!! And glad you have those muscles to keep everything in tack!

    Loved the green dress you wore and you did awesome at commentating at the games

  2. Wow, what a crazy and scary journey! Glad you are ok! The morphine rap is awesome! I think record deal coming your way fo sho!

  3. I know exactly how you feel. I was actually almost killed in a car accident on Apr. 7th. I was in a coma for about 4 days and the doctors said I wasn't going to make it. Now it's 4 months later and I'm working hard to get back to 100% in the gym. The doctors are baffeled by my recovery. I owe it all to God and Crossfit. If I wasn't in as good of shape I was in there is no way I would have survived. The road to recovery is a long painful one, but I will get back to 100% and better. Keep up the good fight.

  4. OMG My heart is clenching reading this...I'M SO GLAD you're ok Miranda!!! Wishing you a very speedy recovery, lots of love from NC and Crossfit Invoke.

  5. Thanks for sharing your story Miranda! Awesome testament to what "Dangerous" things can do. Heal quickly and best of luck with everything. God Bless.

  6. wow! i got nervous just reading that! I cant even imagen going through that!

    Hope the recovery goes well! all the best!

  7. That doctor is incredible. It was really touching that he and his whole staff were looking out for you and so concerned. I'm so glad you are ok because like you have time to be paralyzed!!! :) (I really can't get over that your neck was broken in a billion places and you are OK!!) Speedy recovery to you!

  8. Mir, I was worried about you when I heard you were in a wreck...then when you broke your neck! Unreal. Teresa and I were in a motorcycle wreck last year, so all of the ER stuff you went through is all too familiar. Thank God your strength (physically and mentally) has kept you together so well.

    While Crossfit (and being fit in general) definitely contributed to you fairing so well, there is another lesson to learn...

    No one knows your body than yourself! If ever in doubt of a doctor or other medical professional, INSIST on a second and immediate opinion. More tests might cost a few bucks more, but not nearly as much as what it could cost you for the rest of your life.

    So glad you are recovering well. Take care.

  9. Wow! It's amazing how perfectly smart people who think they're asking the right questions and being a good advocate for their own health can STILL be misled into a false sense of security.

    Really glad everything worked out as well as it did. Very scary! I had to fight off the tears while reading your conversation with the doc about getting to the ER. Truly scary.

    Keep up the fantastic work!

  10. you are freakin bada$$ to the core!!! i can't believe how incompetent the ER peeps were not to X0ray you but your hand doc, Dr. Bhuva, is one helluva smart guy. You continue to inspire and I hope you will have a speedy recovery. Just can't say enough how I admire your strength and courage!!! BTW, you were one of the best announcers at the CrossFit games and I adore your co-host on the CrossFit games videos - that guy with the bow tie. Take care and looking forward to seeing you to full health again!

  11. WoW.. This is an AMAZING,SCARY and inspiring story..As I sit here at Osan AB and stress about whether the team will HATE us after I leave, I am lifted up by reading your story.. You have an AMAZING group of people around you and you are an amazing inspiration to soo many.. Thank you for this.. PRAYERs to you for a QUICK recovery!!..

    So thoughts and prayers from Osan Air base in Korea !!!!!

  12. Hi i have read your post and i have really liked it.
    Please visit my blog and if u like it follow it.

  13. Congratulations on overcoming! And for being so strong. I posted this to my blog so my applicants and future sailors could read this post. I hope it inspires them to continue working hard. Good luck!

  14. This story needs to be a MOVIE!!! You are one amazing and incredibly lucky woman!! I am blown away by the amazing good fortune you survived through!! Inspiring, scary, crazy, shocking, there aren't enough adjectives to describe this. I shared it with my CF group. Continued success and healing Miranda! Just WOW!

  15. I would def go after that first hospital to cover all of your medical bills.. its mandatory to do a xray of your neck in that situation. With that said.. Im am really glad you are ok! I love watching you at the games and on the posts/videos. You are one of the first female athletes that I watched in the games and look up to. I hope you have a speedy recovery!!

  16. amazing! God Bless and speedy recovery to you!

  17. Miranda - we don't need fewer hot crossfit chicks. So please don't die. Thank you. Call me.

  18. You are one of my favorite crossfit athletes, and I have followed you for a very long time. When I heard about your accident and subsequent surgery (via a post by Lisbeth) my first thought was that your physical strength would get you through it. Given the circumstances, I am so relieved to have been correct. I am so happy you are OK, and will continue to send good vibes in your direction. Good luck and best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery.

  19. Miranda you are an inspiration to us all! Thanks for sharing your story and we wish you a speedy and safe recovery. - Paul Whitteker, CrossFit IoTA, Smithfield, UT

  20. I don't know you from Adam but I am here to say right now YOU HAVE 110% OF ANYTHING and I MEAN ANYTHING I CAN OFFER for help. I am an old HS friend of Marcy's and I don't mean have your back w/ smoke and mirror connections but ex-CIA family, (just ask) if you need help. You story seriously touched me at the heart!

  21. Miranda, I have to say this is more inspiring to me then watching three days of amazing athletic performances in Carson. This is why alot of us do crossfit, to be stronger at life. Your story will keep people in this amazing community, and inspire people on the fence to try this crazy sport of crossfit. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I look forward to hearing about the gains you make in your recovery.

  22. As a EMT in San Jose, CA, I am glad you are ok! On a side note you need to sue the crap out of that ER doc and hospital you were at! With your accident obviously meeting trauma criteria and the neck pain there is no reason they shouldn't have performed a x-ray! Glad you are healthy, how you get back to crossfit soon!

  23. Found a link to your story from my local box. So glad to hear you are doing okay after everything you've been through. Your swift recovery will be in my thoughts.

  24. I don't know you (personally any way) but I love you. Thank you sharing!

  25. That is just crazy! So glad to see you made it thru strong, we enjoy watching you on Crossfit. Very diplomatic of you as you describe the ER experience, but someone needs to follow that up with that ER department so it doesn't happen again to someone else. Hope you have a speedy recovery, it must be frustrating and tough dealing with it all, which only makes you stronger!

    1. Such a nice change to see someone recommend following up with the ER to prevent it happening again instead of just immediately screaming "sue!!".

  26. I just read this story AGAIN, this time to my kids and husband. There is NO better reason to get fit than what you just shared! Thank you for sharing your experience -- it will help more people than you can imagine.

    steph h

  27. Thank you for sharing this! This is amazing! I am so glad you are ok. This is why there is no better reason to get fit and healthy. Hope you get better soon!

  28. 'Im so glad you're doing alright! "Scary stuff" Commentaries wouldn't be the same without you. :) "Yay for CrossFit and Miranda"

  29. Wow - what an awesome story. I almost felt like crying when you got the news about your neck. I'm so glad you are doing better and will pray you continue to have a speedy recovery. Thanks for sharing.

  30. That is so unfortunate and puts things into perspective. Terrible things can happen out of nowhere. It gives me more of a reason to be happy we do CrossFit, to make sure we are ready for anything that life throws at us. Have a speedy recovery!

  31. I'm without words! Truly amazing! Glad and thankful you are OK! Keep up the great training! You are definitely an inspiration!

  32. I can only imagine your fear on the phone when they told you. You are a very blessed woman. Keep on giving them hell!

  33. The chills and inspiration I felt while reading this have been incredible - thank you for sharing I look forward to updates

  34. Thank goodness for your strength and that you were able to have the surgery in time! That is awful that they did not xray you in the ER after the accident! Thank you for sharing this! You are amazing!

  35. I just found your blog and had been wondering about your hand at the games. I CANT believe you had a break for that long and worked that hard with it. Best of luck in your recovery!

  36. Miranda, thanks for sharing!

    You are awesome.
    I am sure your recovery will be quick and successful.

    Lots of love from Sweden.

  37. Glad you are ok-Speedy Recovery!

  38. I love the pics of the CF family making their affections known, very cool. Incredible story, so glad for the happy ending young lady!

  39. Hey girl, I just found your blog through a CrossFit website and I want you to know I am thinking of you and wishing you a fucking ridiculously speedy recovery. Your story REALLY put my recent injury into perspective. I am a CrossFitter and havent been able to really walk or jump or do much for 3 weeks now, and I still have a ways to go to recover. However, that is nothing compared to what you are going through, and on top of that - the life threatening situation you were in for TWO WEEKS. I am glad you are okay and STAY STRONG WOMAN! You will come back stronger after this is all through. F'sho.

  40. Wow, I just accidentally stumbled upon this... What an inspiration you are! Stay strong and keep on crossfitting... And rapping! Oh yeah!!!!!

  41. Miranda!!! I had no idea this had happened to you! WOWZERS!!! I was just talking to you a few weeks ago at the Games and it never crossed my mind... I thought you sprained your wrist or something doing handstand walks or whatever -- Not getting pulverized by a moving vehicle that nearly killed you. WTheck?!!

    I am so elated to read this and know that you're okay. Your story is amazing. And the fact that God brought you through this by directing your life-path through CrossFit-- That's HUGE! You have such a powerful testamony; and a huge testament to CrossFit and what we do daily :)

    God speed to you and your recovery. You're in my prayers!

    Love ya, sis!

  42. As if you weren't insirational enough already!! This made the rounds through Crossfit Manayunk yesterday and we are glad you are in recovery and doing well! Crossfit saves lives in so many ways:)

  43. Get better Miranda, you continue to be an inspiration to all of us.

  44. More so than the muscle tone and raw strength cultivated by training, you were probably saved by your healthy neck posture/curvature and lack of pre-existing conditions i.e. Disc issues from prior traumas. Crossfit was icing on the cake so to speak.

    If you had a desk job w 68 hrs a week sitting/staring @ cpu screen and even a little loss of the natural cervical arch we are all supposed to have you may not have done so well. Dont suppose you played much impact sports where your discs and vertebrae were traumatized either....

  45. Thank you for sharing your story. It is truly inspiring. My husband told me I needed to check out your post, it brought tears to my eyes. You are a strong and courageous woman, in every way. It hits close to home for me because I also broke my neck (C1 and C2) in a car accident. I am so glad to hear that your surgery was successful. :) I had 2 surgeries and wore a halo for 3 months. I had an fantastic (with all the sarcasm in the world) doctor too. He put the halo on wrong, so for 4days my broken neck was holding up that 5lbs contraption. I understand the last 6 inches laying down or getting up, shoot me. That's one crazy journey!
    I love your title, "What is dangerous?" Well, life is dangerous, and being in the best possible shape we can be in prepares us for what ever life brings. I found CrossFit only a year ago and it changed my life. I am a dancer at heart, the doctor told me I shouldn't run anymore let alone dance.... I would like to see him today and tell him I do ALL of that AND CrossFit! I am in the best shape I have ever been in and I can do things that I couldn't do before and thats because of the strength I have now. My neck is so much stronger and doesn't hurt at every awkward movement. I've heard it over and over again just like you said, but that is only because it is true. CrossFit changes lives.
    So thank you for sharing your story. I hope mine inspires you... 10 years later girl and it is ALL possible!
    I am praying for a fast recovery and nothing but the best doctors!!

  46. People often ask me "why do you do Crossfit?". They just don't get why we work so hard for sp many hours. It changes us! It's more than a workout, it is preparation for any situation. You just proved it Miranda. I am so sorry this happened to you, but just remember you are an amazing inspiration. You keep it going girl:)

  47. Thank you for sharing this - I had the same experience 3 years ago last month. July 10, 2009 I was ejected from a car on a road trip, and fractured my C1 amongst other things. Friend that was driving fell asleep, and I was laying down snoozing in the back seat (the one time I don't wear my seatbelt!). I owe my survival and recovery to CrossFit. I'm sorry to hear your heath care experience was so ridiculous. I hope you make a fuss with that ER; because that is simply NOT acceptable!

    Just this week (literally 48 hours ago actually), I finally had the courage to put weight on my head for HSPUs and kip. Lots of tears and crying at my coaches out of fear leading up to that point. Hope you're recovery goes smoothly - know you're in good company and you'll be back in no time.

    Here's some footage from my wreck (cheezy looking at it now, but I had nothing better to do when the majority of my body was immobilized for 5 months).

  48. I don't know you but found myself near tears reading this. I am so glad you are on the road to recovery and WODing again! This story strengthened my love for CrossFit and its community. Namaste

  49. Reading your account of the phone call about the C2 literally made my heart race. So glad you are ok! You are my first Crossfit crush after all (Sorry Tyson, no disrespect). I am going to continue to use your story to show people that CrossFit not only changes lives but saves them. Here's to a quick recovery!!! God Bless You.


  50. We don't know each other, but right before Regionals I was hit cycling by a car. And until you have that happen and realize what could have happened and that Crossfit was that one factor that made the difference between where you are and what could have been...well, it is hard to put into words (but you understand). And you just want the world to know...Anyway, I am super glad to hear you are on the mend. Good luck with the rest of your recovery. Look forward to seeing your continuous broadcasts on the web and in future games.

  51. I remember hearing this story from my Cross Fit friend, but I didn't know who it was. I was still impressed and remembered it. I am 17 and in a couple weeks going to a Cross Fit Level 1 Cert. Recently, I havent been able to get anough of your videos and the Cross Fit Games. Learning more about you in the past week, I even told my parents how I hope I see you at the seminar because you are such an inspiration and even give your dogs Omega-3s haha! Just tonight I was watching your YouTube channel and saw your squats on the hike...Thats when it clicked. You're the one who's muscles saved her life! With a broken neck!!! What a story and now I am even more excited for you to be my role model! Thanks for the videos and you're awesome!

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  53. Good to know that you worked through all of this! My boyfriend and I were at a stop at a red light on New Year's Eve when a car rear-ended our pick-up truck. No damage to truck and no serious injuries, except that the other car was a huge mess. My boyfriend and I felt as if we were shoved/jolted by the crash, but just felt very sore in our necks and shoulders up to today. He said we're lucky we both work out (thanks, CrossFit!!!), having the muscle strength to hold up to the impact. Today, we resumed working out and did our respective WODs, and still felt fine. I will get my neck checked out more this weekend just to be sure.

  54. I was recently in a car accident which left me with 4 fractures, 1 bone chip, and 1 hairline crack in my foot and ankle. About 2 weeks ago I had bone fusion for my Lisfranc joint. My injuries definitely seem minor in comparison to yours. But the breaks and rib pain have left me not able to work out at all yet. Its been just over 3 weeks and all I want to do is get back to Crossfit. I am not the top Rx athlete by any means, but doing crossfit is my sanity from all of life's stressors. After spending so much time reading about other people who have had Lisfranc injuries and their recovery time I've been feeling pretty down. Reading your story has provided some optimism for me. I'm amazed at your perseverance and I will continue to remember your story using it as inspiration to always do my best, remembering recovery will come with time. So glad you are better now. Thank you for sharing your story.

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  56. I met you at my Level 1 seminar recently. In short order since then I have become a huge fan. I have been watching what you have accomplished and now have added you to my list of hero's. Thank you for sharing and inspiring.

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  58. I was wondering why all the NorCal Crossfit Regional pictures of the female athletes were all of you! I don't even know who finished in the top 3 lol. Your story is so inspirational. Thank you for sharing it with us. I'll keep cheering for you!

  59. I understand this so well - I am working at the gym twice a week and this is helping me too (C1 fracture) I have posted your blog on the broken neck survivor support page and hope you will come out!!

  60. Thank you for sharing, I found a lot of inspiration just reading how strength can be valued in life - wow just incredible and I am glad that you did not hurt your neck while you were not aware what the real damage was. Also those doctors who never made scans initially should be reported by higher authorities, I hope you did that effort at least, someone else might not be so lucky. Nice blog also x

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