Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013...GET AT ME!

Resolve:  Firm determination to do something.

It's that time of year.  The time when well meaning folks everywhere make radical claims about how they will change for the better!  The energy of the New Year fuels people with a new conviction to be who they were always meant to be.  

I think this energy is fantastic!  The problem the end of the day...January 1st was just another Tuesday, followed by an ordinary Wednesday, leading into a humdrum Thursday.

This year, I decided to set a different type of resolution.  Something I think we could all benefit from.


Had a shoulder thing from another dumb accident AFTER the car wreck.  Gotta work with what you've got.

2012 was a TOUGH year for me.  Hmm....that doesn't really do it justice...let me check the thesaurus for a new word.... got it.  2012 was a SEVERE year for me.  Now, obviously I realize that even with everything I went through in 2012, my life is nowhere NEAR as difficult as what most of the human race is dealing with their entire lives.  But for me, in my little world, shit got crazy.

For those of you new to this blog, or my story: Along with my regular crazy travel schedule with CrossFit (I worked 40 Level 1 and Coaches Prep Course Seminars last year) as well as competing and working with CrossFit Media....on June 30th of last year I was in a pretty gnarly car accident and broke my neck.

This post isn't about my broken neck or recovery though.  That story is coming soon.

This is about being better.  In fact, I will try to impart the lessons I have learned to apply to some of the most common New Years Resolutions maybe some of you have made.

#1.  Get in Shape:

You will only get as fit, and stay as fit, as you can:


Love hard work, you ask??  Yes.  

In 2012 I found this.  Yes, I kind of had it before.  I love CrossFit and it has been my thing for years now, but in 2012 I learned how important it is to HAVE FUN!!  And, how much better the results will be when you are.  I had turned training into a means to an end.  It was something I had to do to reach my goal of competing in the Games.  After a year of training with Jason, Neal and Garret at NorCal CrossFit, I can say with enthusiasm that I actually look forward to training days more than competition.


Which leads me to...

#2 Qualify for the Games (or Regionals or whatever it may be).

Obviously this is a goal specific to our community or someone actively involved in competing in some sort of sport.

In 2012 there were a few months where I didn't know if I was EVER going to be able to even DO everything required to compete, let alone do well!!  I had to formulate a new goal if I was going to prevent myself from going into a black hole of depression.

Pic taken at 2012 NorCal Regionals in May
Just 2 months later.

**(I don't mean as fit as I can with the little effort I am putting in.  I mean FIND OUT how fit I can be with what I have.  I will never know unless I do everything in my power to find out.)**

Simple.  And guess what?  You will NEVER qualify for or win the Games if you aren't as fit as you can be.  Think about it.

#3 Save Money:

Um....I believe this is a good goal.  I've got nothing for ya....sorry.

#4 Spend More Time with Friends and Family.

There is something about breaking your neck that really reminds you about what's important. 

For years I have had a weird work schedule.  I work on the weekends, doing what I believe to be one of the most important things I could imagine being a part of.  CrossFit has changed my life for the better so much, and I get to spread the love all over the world!!  The CrossFit community as a whole is my family.  Every one of you lunatics are is a long lost brother or sister.

With that said....I have learned the importance of, and the happiness that comes from, actively cultivating and caring for relationships that get shoved to the wayside when one is really busy.  At the end of the day, whether you hit a huge PR or sat on your couch eating brownies all day, you will only really have a few people who will always care.  These are the people who also think you look cute in your neck brace.

#5 Eat better. 

Can I be honest here??

Ok, thanks.  In 2012 I actually learned to RELAX a little bit when it comes to this.  Now, if you eat like total crap as it is...plug your ears (your eyes??  Don't read on).  But, for you crazy CrossFitters....yes, learn the Zone and eat Real Food.  Yes.  Do that.  Be diligent about it.  But, as I have said at SO MANY Level 1 Seminars...DON'T BE PSYCHOTIC!!

Don't go crazy with my advice here...the above is still true.

I was psychotic.  During the Open last year it was the worst!  Until one day, I was sat down by one Neal Maddox and professional UFC fighter Jason MacDonald and they told me that I need to RELAX!!  I was also scolded by Speal and basically got a pep talk from Khalipa about this same issue...(I only name drop so much because I am that cool...ha, I mean because these people obviously know what they are doing!!  Give me a break!!)

I was training A LOT, and travelling A LOT.  I was exhausted and cranky!!  What all of these incredible athletes understood that I was missing was BALANCE.  Eat as clean and neurotic as you need to eat to support performance and overall happiness!!  Don't overdo it for crying out loud!  If you are won't be having fun...when you aren't having aren't performing your best. At that point...who cares what your abs look like?

This year is about building on what an incredible amount of clarity can come through disaster.

2013...GET AT ME!!!


  1. Um does this mean I might see you?

  2. Always. Always. Always an inspiration.

  3. I loved reading this.. You're amazing! Thanks Miranda!

  4. Thank you for this amazingly inspiring blog! I will learn from last year and move forward into 2013 and make it my fittest ever!

  5. Miranda! So many fantastic things all rolled in to one little post! Awesome.

    Whoa, absolute love for hard work, learn and apply to get better ... yes, relax ... oh AND HAVE FUN ;)!


  6. Rooting for you this year and every year. Great post! Super motivational as always....

  7. Yay! Good luck on making 2013 your best year yet, and becoming your Personal Best Miranda!

  8. Thanks for sharing miranda. always nice to read a real insight coming from a real athlete. You had a huge year. Remember our greatness doesnt come from our victories but from our struggle... loved the reading (pardon my english, im from argentina) keep em coming!!

  9. Woot! Woot! Speak on it girl! After back and neck injury I also had to take a step back and ask, why am I doing this. I am back, having fun, and doing things I was never able to do before. Thanx for the inspiration! :)

  10. “…I was in a pretty gnarly car accident and broke my neck.” – 2012 is indeed a tough year for you. And I’m glad to see you’re in such a great shape. I just hope your recovery, emotionally and physically, will continue to be this good up to now.


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