Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Grand OPENing!!!!????

What? Tonight??!!  I have to go through this AGAIN?!  I am still paying for the therapy I needed LAST year during the OPEN!!

Wait, calm down....remember how we learned a lot about ourselves and online competition last year?!  Everything is going to be ok.

The above is the conversation that has been replaying in my head the past few days!  Sound familiar?

So, everybody stay calm...for the next five weeks we are going to do the workouts, we are going to submit our scores...and we will be ranked!  That is for sure, whether we drive ourselves CRAZY or not is up to us!! are some things I need to remember when the sh*t hits the fan tonight at 5pm.

1. I have worked my A** off this year!!  I am a better athlete than I was last year.  What else is there to ask of myself??

2.  With that said, how other people do doesn't say ANYTHING about the improvements that I have made.  

3.  It IS a competition, but it's not a Game with offense and defense (especially at this stage) the only performance you can control is YOUR OWN!

4.  Online competitions are funny.  Unless you WITNESSED another athletes score, you don't know what it looked like.  Not saying you shouldn't believe it...most CrossFitters are LEGIT...BUT all you can do is move as LEGIT as you can in YOUR workout so when it comes to don't have to change anything.

5.  Looking at the LEADERBOARD every 5 min will not change your score, your placing, or anyone else's.  All it will do is literally make you a psychopath.

5.  I was in 100 something place after the first 2 weeks last year.  I finished the Open in 30th.  I was 5th in Regionals.

6.  BUT it IS a COMPETITION!!  This is your FIRST chance this season to prove to YOURSELF how far you have come!  DON'T HOLD BACK!!!

Here is a vid of me doing just that in WOD #3 from last year's Open with the world renowned Elyse Umeda.  I knew this was my chance to get back in the Game!!



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