Thursday, February 16, 2012


Ok, the look of this thing might change as I learn how to use the blogspot site....but here we go!

I am headed home today.  After 2 WEEKS on the road....11 flights, 8 hotels, 4 rental cars, and 4 Level 1 seminars!  Santa Cruz to Georgia to Georgia....HOME!!

Trainers with America's Favorite Trainer...and my new favorite CrossFitter, Bob Harper in Scottsdale!
I got an email on Facebook today asking if I had a blog.  It's something I have been meaning to do for a LONG time!  I always have funny stories about the awesome trainers I work with, and stuff I think could be helpful with nutrition on the road etc.  I NEED to share it....or at least treat this like a little diary...RIGHT?!

So, for my first post....  TRAINING AND EATING on the airports and hotels!

Luckily I have a job that allows me to workout at work.  Usually we only have about 45 min total for warm up, work out, cool down, put stuff it's TIGHT.   Not nearly the hour and a half I take warming up and practicing skills when I am home.  BUT, we make it happen!  Since Games season is upon us, I took a little extra time in my hotel room....almost every do some extra stuff that I didn't have time for....tricep work, hspu practice, mobility, stuff like that!

The eating has been especially fun this trip too.....

I travel with a lot of stuff, Progenex powder for workouts and protein in a pinch, almond butter, Tom Toms Turkey Snack Stix from Whole Foods (yum!) stuff like that...BUT  2 weeks is a long time.

I have had 4 flights that left at 7am after staying in a hotel.  Optimally for all of them I would do what I did in Boise, go to the grocery store the night before and get a rotisserie chicken that I eat for dinner and breakfast before the flight....BUT a couple of times I was nowhere near a grocery store AND/OR didn't have a car.

So, like this morning, I stopped at Burger King in the airport and got 2 sausage, egg, and cheese Croissanwiches  and just dumped the bread.  Today I didn't have any carbs, but got even some more fat from about 2" of heavy cream in my americano.

Usually for lunch we will all go to the grocery store the night before the seminar and get some meat (chicken or deli meat) and fruit.  The dinners were almost all at restaurants.

Dinners on the road:

Chipotle (AZ)-salad with double meat, double guac!
Me and Eric O with Chris Orcutt in Boise!
5 guys (AZ)- 2 patties with cheese protein style
Rotisserie Chicken from grocery store with fruit and almond butter
Chilis (Hinesville, GA)- fajitas double meat extra guac!
Waffle House- (yep) only thing close to hotel - 3 eggs and side of sausage
Bad Boy Burger (Boise)- 2 patties with cheese, no bun
Mexican Place- Fajitas extra meat, extra guac
Rotisserie Chicken from grocery store with fruit and almond butter
Rotisserie Chicken from grocery store with fruit and almond butter
Valentines Day (not with my Valentine) Ruby Tuesdays (Hinesville, GA) - Turkey burger and broccoli with a few sweet potato fries
Waffle House- 3 eggs and side of sausage almond butter I brought

I was thinking this morning about how LUCKY we are in the CrossFit community to have the education we do about nutrition especially!  I have been on the road for 2 weeks eating at some just AWFUL fast food restaurants...not by choice....BUT I have the knowledge to make the best of it!

The "paleo police" can say what they will....but I am dealing in REALITY...and sometimes in REALITY  Waffle House and Burger King are what you have available.  Not great for long term, but you can ALWAYS make a smart choice, control your insulin levels and not GAIN weight or feel crappy on the road!

It is important for all of us to realize how blessed we are to know this stuff and to share it with as many people as we can!

Til next time!-



  1. Miranda, I'm glad you've started a blog. Nice work.

  2. Great info., you can apply this to when you simply don't have much time, not just travel. Functional blogpost!

  3. Nice first blog Miranda, even though I live Australia I also travel extensively and have the same hurdles to bear with food on the road.

    Look forward to more posts...

  4. Great blog. Very good on traveling and eating, making good choices in bad places. Will bookmark and follow ya. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hell yeah!!! Love that you have a blog cannot wait to read more!!!

  6. glad you have a blog. looking forward to reading about your daily adventures!